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The Brazilian Army increases its insertion in space activities in the country

The Commission for the Coordinaon and Implementaon of Space Systems (CCISE), an agency of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB),held on May 25 in Brasilia a meeting with members of the Brazilian Army and the FAB that make up the commission. The aim was to level knowledge among the officers-General with Space Systems Strategic Program (ESSP), managed by the CCISE.

The FAB is responsible for development projects in the aerospace sector , as well as operation and monitoring satellites.The program establishes the implementation strategy space defense systems integrated use - military and civil operations and allows the Armed Forces have the necessary support of space applicaons in a coordinated and integrated.

The Army has specific demands for the satellite area, both for the Integrated Border Monitoring (SISFRON) you need directly from satellite capacity, image and communications to integrate their sensors in remote areas without access to their daily operations, especially Assurance Law and Order (GLO).

In this context, for example, military course Geo-Intelligence Officers School of Military Intelligence (EsimEx) Army also parcipated ago days of a conference on space policy and guidelines of the National Program on Space Activites (PNAE) in Brasilia, at the headquarters of the Brazilian Space Agency.

The event is part of the programming specialization course organized by EsIMEX, which aims to enable some members of the Ground Force to interpret images and Geographical Information System Army Intelligence. The specialization course lasts one year and eight months, divided into classroom acvies and distance. This year ten military will be formed.

In 2012, the Brazilian government created the Strategic Space Systems Program (ESSP) to meet the demands of the National Defense Strategy. PESE development projects includes satellite communications,remote sensing, determination of geographical coordinates and launch vehicles. The scope of the program which affects both the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and the Brazilian Army EB), specifies how the Defense uses the space to achieve its objectives and how it can be used by society as a whole to generate economy. To encourage the development of domesctic industry and maintain active production structure, criteria and goals are PESE a satellite production per year, small size and a shorter life cycle. The program also provides.

In February, the government created the Development Committee of the Brazilian Space Program (CDPEB), which will have only 360 days to present results, gathering the Ministries of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications,the Foreign and Defense coordinated by the Cabinet of Institutional Security of the Presidency of the Republic and operated by nine working groups,all with the presence of officials of the FAB.

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